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After talking to breeders from coast-to-coast, Brian Lindquist from High Desert Griffon's in ID is the breeder we made the decision to get our first Griff from.  Although, his dogs did not have the hunting and show titles in front of their names in their pedigrees, it only took a few minutes talking to him to understand that his dogs hunt and hunt and hunt.  As I was looking for the "Ultimate Gun Dog," and the ability to hunt was first and foremost on my criteria for selection, I felt pretty confident his dogs were going to meet my expectations.  Additionally, his down to earth demeanor  and obvious passion for his Griffs and hunting made it an easy decision.  Pepper is beautifully put together with an "almost" perfect 10 to 9 (length to height) frame.  Her coat is medium-harsh as judged during her NAVHDA NA test and she has a beautiful scissor bite.  She is 20.5 inches tall, 23 inches long and weighs in at 56 lbs.   I've posted her registration numbers & test results on this page and they can be independently verified on the NAVHDA  and/or   AKC registry and  the AKC Canine Health Information Center Page.  We've also had Pepper complete the Embark DNA Test and provided a copy of the complete 22 page test results below.

NAVHDA Reg# GR006816

AKC Reg# SR89077606

AKC CHIC# 143892

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