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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your asking price and how do we get on the waiting list?

Our D litter puppies are $1500, with a $250 deposit to reserve your spot on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our  puppies please go to the contact page and complete the questionnaire.  Once we receive the filled out questionnaire we'll be in contact with you to discuss your request.  If both (buyer/seller) parties are still interested after that we'll proceed from there...  

Do you fly/ship puppies to their new homes? 

No, it is something we may consider in the future but at this time we do not ship.    

What kind of wait list do you have?

We sold out our previous Litters early and had some folks wait as long as 2 years for a puppy from us.  It's not uncommon to wait eight months, a year or more for a puppy with the pedigree you want.   If you find a breeder your happy with, it's worth the wait to get a dog from a reputable breeder.  

Do you expect to have additional Litters?

There are a lot of variables to consider in that question.  Like we said, this is something we want to do for the next 30+ years.  However, I can not in good faith say we'll have additional litters with Pepper.  If Pepper is healthy, the puppies thrive and are excellent examples of the breed then the answer is "YES."  We've made the decision not to breed Chili and will continue to strive to make the best decision we can as we look at retiring Pepper from breeding in the near future.  Again, we're in this for the long haul and will never breed a dog that we do not think contributes positively to the gene pool for these amazing dogs. 

Why do we ask so many questions to prospective buyers and do you have to answer them?

First, I understand the question and yes, I had the same thoughts when filling out a questionnaire before getting our first Griff.  We ask the questions because it is important for us to try to get the right dog paired with the right family.  I want to make sure you are happy with your dog but more importantly I want to make sure the dogs are going to an environment where they can thrive.  Griffs are not ideally suited to live in a kennel without human contact all day long, they thrive on being part of the family.  If you are living in an apartment and work long days with no one at home, a Griff probably isn't going to be a good addition to your lifestyle.  They are incredibly smart and a bored Griff is a troublesome Griff.   So, "NO" you don't have to answer the questions but understand that we are not obligate to place a Griff in your home either.

Do you have a Health Guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee our puppies and provide you with a written contract which guarantees the health of our puppies against congenital/hereditary diseases.

We are not a hunting family, will you consider placing a Griff with us?

Long answer on this one but it's based on our goals and why we're breeding Griffs.  Knowing that, I hope you understand why hunting families/homes are our target audience.   That said, we will consider non-hunting homes under the right circumstances (Veteran/Service dog, tracking, agility, etc...).  It's not that they can't live a great life with a non-hunting family.  However, as much as my Griffs love to hike, swim, kayak and be out roaming the outdoors smelling everything it has to offer, they are bred to hunt as part of a team with you.  They need a mentally and physically challenging job that they can do with their owner.  As fun and goofy as they are around the house, they seem to demonstrate a whole different level of joy when you pull a shotgun out of your vehicle and hit the field.  I can't explain it but the look they give you at that moment is something I truly cherish.  


If your not a hunting family please feel free to reach out to us, if your simply looking for a great companion I do keep a standby list of non-hunting families that  are interested in a Griff, encase we ever have a puppy or adult dog that is in need of a good home.

Do you select my puppy for me?

No, we do not select puppies for families.  Throughout the process you are welcome to come visit and/or I am available to talk about the personalities of the puppies, your preferences and will give you my thoughts on what puppies I think best suit your situation.  Once the puppies complete their 6 week, "Well Puppy" veterinary check up I open picks up.  Pick order is determined by the order that we received deposits.  I will posts the picks as they happen on our facebook site and then call the next person in line to get their selection and continue until all of the puppies have a home.  The picks typically occur pretty quickly once the draft begins.  If you are the 3rd male pick, I'd recommend you build a list of your favorite male puppies or at least your top 3 so you can make your selection in a timely manner.  

Do you have a sample contract we can review?

Yes, please see the attached sample contract.  This is our contract template, we've used it for our previous litters.   We'll have two copies of the contract printed waiting for signatures on the day you pick up your puppy.  

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