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Greenhorn Mountain Griffs Spicy Pepper X High Country Gunther

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Our Griffs are part of our family!  We love, raise, train and hunt with them.  Our Griffs have exceptional hunting ability, temperament, confirmation and are registered with AKC & NAVHDA.  All of our breeding stock have completed the AWPGA recommended healthy screenings and have a  complete DNA profile/report publicly available, as well as posted on this site.  

Greenhorn Mountain Spicy Pepper  "Pepper"

We call her "Perfect Pepper", even though she may not be perfect, we think she's pretty darn close.  We were hunting over her at 5 months and at 10 months she got the max score on the NAVHDA Natural Ability test. By the time we finished up our second hunting season in early 2018, I could honestly say she's the most naturally talented dog I've ever hunted over.  Did I mention her nose, she's like the clean-up hitter, it's impressive to watch her find bird after bird in an area that was just run over by another dog.  Remarkably, she's an even better dog around the family and in the house.

Shiok Ridge's B Spicy Chili  "Chili"

Chili is an amazing dog with a tight hunting coat.  She's been a great addition to our hunting family.  She's got a great nose and the most intense point you could ever ask for in a dog.  She's a close hunter who instinctively backs.  Aside from her prowess in the field, Chili is the ultimate lap dog.  She loves, loves, loves, loves cuddling up with the family.  If she's not in the field, she is curled up on a lap, at someone's feet or trying to figure out how to lay down with some part of her body touching a human.  She automatically flips the switch from huntress to lap dog the minute she get's in the truck after a hunt or hike.  We opted not to breed Chili but she's a great all around dog and a big part of our family!

Greenhorn Mountain Sassy Sage "Sage"

Sage is our newest addition to the family born 28 June 2018.  She's out of Idaho Outback Griffon's and has all the makings of a great gun dog.  She has been wonderful so far, she's athletic, has a medium harsh coat, loves birds, retrieved pigeons to hand during her bird intro and is into everything at this point.  We've got big plans for her and will keep everyone updated over the next couple of years as she develops!  Her first hunting season was all about birds, birds, birds!!!  Now that she's on to her second season, she's earned a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test Prize 1.  She's had her first Grouse hunt, and will get a chance to do some duck hunting in Louisiana and Arkansas this fall, as well as plenty of time hunting upland game in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas this year.    

I don’t know why he chose me, but I am sure glad that High Country Gunther picked me as his human…. From the day I brought him home, this goofball has never ceased to amaze me.  After earning his NAVHDA Prize 1 Natural Ability and AKC Junior Hunt Title we started working on his AKC Champion Title and recently began in the sport of dock diving.  He is a 4 wheel drive bird hunting machine; there is no doubt when he is on point for a bird as he works the field over.  Truly a versatile dog who’s only goal is to please me and I want to share him with all of you as he passes on his traits:  a high prey drive, tremendous bird finding ability, tight wiry coat, lean but solid body and muscle tone with a heart as big as a giant would have.



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